Cape Cod Home Watch

There's a lot to watching your home the RIGHT way!

No Alarm or monitoring system is going to do the job effectively. Home Care Property Management Services, Inc. has the experience watching homes and businesses. We KNOW exactly what to look for. We not only inspect the exterior of your home, but we inspect the interior as well. We also provide you with a detailed report, on a secure webpage complete with pictures, based on the plan that you have enrolled.

Should we ever encounter a problem while doing an inspection, you will be notified immediately. Time in many instances is of the essence, therefore an appropriate course of action must be discussed with the property owner immediately and remediation should quickly follow.

An Example of what our customers are saying.

"Home Care Property Management Services' Home Watch Service found my heating system had failed and acted before my pipes froze, and any damage resulted. Just the savings alone by finding and acting on this incident paid for the year's cost of service. My compliments!"

- J.B.

Our Home Watch Visits Include:

  • Interior & Exterior Property Check
  • Any Apparent Damage to Structure or Property
    Any Unauthorized Activity or Vandalism
    Door locks, Windows and all other entries
    Security Lights and Timers
    Interior Roof Leaks
    Basement Flooding
    Alarm Systems
    Smoke Detectors
    CO Detectors
    Thermostat Settings
    Heat Monitors
    Freeze and Flood Monitors
    Apparent Rodent, Animal or Insect Intrusion

  • Emergency Alarm Service response
  • Emergency Freeze, Heat, Flood Monitor Alarm response
  • Provide After Storm Inspection and Reporting
  • Key Holder Service
  • Liaison for authorized Vendor and Site visits
  • Scheduled appointments for cleaning services
    Scheduled appointments with repair services
    Scheduled appointments for installations
  • Battery replacement service*
  • Bulb replacement service*

  • *with customer supplied replacements

Why Use a Ma. State Licensed Home Watch Service?

Do not trust your home or business to an uninsured, unlicensed person who is also not bonded. Any person or individual you ask or hire to perform "watch" services for your home that is not property licensed is violating Massachusetts State law. Once an individual enters your home or place of business, they are performing "security", and they must have a license.

Unfortunately, the homeowner may not be fully familiar with Massachusetts State law, and the person performing the service may not realize that he / she is breaking the law. However, an individual who does not have a license cannot enter your home to do an interior inspection; many individuals today are playing on the words "WATCH", truth is they cannot be on the inside, for any reason at all, including an alarm response. At best, these individuals can only perform exterior inspections.

Before you ask your neighbor, electrician, friend, landscaper, painter, plumber or even your caretaker to perform home watch, winter watch or guard patrol services they must have the appropriate license to do so. They may be licensed professionals, (electricians, plumbers, etc) but their license is for that and that alone. We caution you, do not trust someone who has broken the law, by allowing him or her to watch your house. Trust a company that has gone through the extensive background checks associated with acquiring the appropriate licensing, a company bonded and one professionally insured.

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MA State Police License Watch Guard Patrol # W-807